Dom Alex Echeandía, OSB: "This blog reflects on what many people ask about God and His image. In a way, it focuses on questions like: How should art depict the relationship between man and God? How can art best express eternal values? Can you, and should you, portray the face of Christ? For many centuries these were some of the questions which taxed the minds of the greatest artists of Western Christianity. For Eastern Christianity, the sacred icons make that connection between God and man in Christ, the perfect and ideal Image of God: Imago Dei."

The process of writing an icon, by iconographers from different Schools.

This is a short but interesting and informative video about how to write an icon. It shows every step from the very beginning to the end. It also shows  how to do gilding. The materials used are natural pigments with eggs, and finally oil.
 The iconographers are Anton and Ekaterina Daineko.
If you want to visit their web-site:

This video also shows how an icon is written. The monks you see here  live in Mount Athos, the "Holy Mountain" of Greece. One of the main activities in the community is iconography. Enjoy!

This video shows a Greek way to write a sacred icon from within the Byzantine iconography. 
The school is run by Theodoros Papadopoulos.

This video shows painting lessons presented by an iconographer of the Byzantine Iconography School of the Holy Metropolis of Piraeus, under the program "Parish in action"

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